“The day of reckoning is coming faster than anyone here realizes. And our love is like Jesus, but worse. Though you seal the cave up where you’ve lain its body, it rises, it rises.” – John Darnielle


Resurrection is a tricky business. Or so I’ve heard. I myself have yet to come back to life from the death (unless you count a few amazing hangover recovers in college). I figure I just leave the rebirths to the experts.

Maybe it is because I am typing this with food-colored dyed fingers, but Dogfish Head Aprihop is one of those beers I just always equate with Easter. Or perhaps it is cause I always seem to pick a four pack around the Holiday or maybe cause its pastel colors or maybe cause that is what I am supposed to think. Either way, it is a fine fruity IPA that is both hearty and sweet. Like a stronger version of Magic Hat #9 that all the kids seem to like these days. Either way, I’d choose it from Easter treat over the Cadbury Eggs and Peeps(until, of course, they make an Easter candy beer – which I imagine is already being worked on in some brewmaster’s lab).

If you are needed to soundtrack your Aprihop and Chocolate Bunny feasting, I offer for your consideration the songs from the amazing and inspirational documentary about the “rebirth” of Rodriguez, Searching for Sugar Man. The album has been on steady rotation at our household since we watched the movie a couple months ago (you should probably watch if you haven’t). Light in the Attic Records (specializing in Lazarusish resurrections of amazing lost records) put reissued a spectacular and legendary album, Cold Fact, that had been lost to all in USA, but had been considered a classic in Apartheid-driven culture-shielded South Africa. A fantastic piece of wax had incredible tunes with subtle, Dylan-esque rambling lyrics over smooth 60’s grooves. Generations later, thanks to the reissues and the movie, Rodriguez is finally receiving the recognition and listenership he deserves. The finest part about Rodriguez’s rock n roll resurrection is that you realize the man was so much more. And his greatness was in a simple, pure built life around his character rather empty idol worship that creates unstable pedestals around some many of our cultural icons. You realize, he never really need to be resurrected, we needed to be reawakened. But onto the beer/record pairing…
There is a common shimmery polish over a more intense roots in both the beer and the record. Both are easy to take, but leaving you with a bit more than you expected. A great beer or even better record for that moment where you need a little bit of life and joy resurged into you.


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