David Bo-Wee Heavy

“Critics. What does Robert Christgau do in bed? I mean, is he a toe fucker? ” Lou Reed



Adding bourbon to a Central Waters barley wine is like adding David Bowie to a Lou Reed album. Both have happened, and both are pretty great.


Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine is Lou Reed’s Transformer. Before Transformer came out, Lou Reed was living in his parents’ basement, playing Magic: The Gathering all day and trolling Reddit and Tumblr for NSFW links. Then along prances in David Bowie, like Bob Dylan visiting Woody Guthrie on his deathbed. David Bowie immediately starts a training program for Lou, making him chase chickens around while he combed through all of the unreleased Velvet Underground songs, trying to find an album worth of material that might revitalize this aging, bloated dope.      Success!



Transformer gave Lou Reed his courage back, and immediately returned him to being rock and roll’s biggest, coolest asshole.



It’s long been a dream of mine to have Lou Reed call me an asshole. The closest I ever got, was his making an album with Metallica.


Transformer is not Lou Reed’s best album, but it might be David Bowie’s.



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