Bocko Homo

“It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one” – Rick Riordan

hinterland label

From start to finish, this beer will both mock you and charm you. The mocking part starts first. Hinterland used some sort of diabolical waxing machine, which nearly renders the cap un-removable. After 20 minutes of wrestling with it, I was left with a gnarled Django Reinhardt-like nub.


Remember that one guy in high school that played pranks on everyone? I’m not talking about just pulling chairs out from behind you, and especially not that one bastard who’d sneak up behind people and swipe sandpaper across the backs of their necks. This beer isn’t cruel. I’m talking about the kid who’d move up to the highest possible edge of low-brow, playing pranks not meant to humiliate you but, rather, to entertain you, sometimes at your own expense.

devo colored vinyl 2

The best album to listen to while drinking this is the very first Devo album “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” (on colored vinyl, of course). This is an album that carries with it both lightness and depth at exactly the same time. You’re never sure if you’re in on the joke, or if they’re making fun of you, but you just have to give in and stop over-thinking it.

This beer, when you first taste it, seems like something you could drink calmly all night long. A bourbon-aged session beer, right? No. Once you’ve gotten about a quarter through it, you know that this beer has taken what’s left of your evening away from you.

This beer is probably smarter than you.


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