Alesmith & Jones Forever

“Where’s the bag that holds the liquor, just in case I feel the need to puke” – David Berman


Speedway Stout drinks best when paired with American Water by the Silver Jews, which is best listened to in cellar-like conditions: a dank, cool room with no distractions, surrounded by plenty of alcohol.


If you have a job, you might want to think carefully about how best to tackle this bottle. The first option would be to share this with someone else, but that’s just silly. The drinking of a good stout while listening to a Silver Jews record becomes one beautifully sad desolation-inducing activity. Your second option is to simply start drinking this as early as possible. The later you start, the worse next day you’re likely to have. But, suck it up, great nights, more often than not, lead to shitty mornings.


There’s a grogginess to most Silver Jews’ songs that pours out of David Berman’s throat like a thick gooey stout.

This is the album that ended Pavement, by the way. Think hard on that while you’re drinking alone.


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