Lemmy Killmeister Bräu

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” – G.K. Chesterton

dragon1Music, beer, and fantasy share a similar slippery slope of obsession. With music you start with listening to satellite radio, then buy mp3s, move on to crate-digging for vinyl, eventually become a DJ or start a band, and finally get reduced to blogging. Beer starts with fun times with friends, then buying good stuff, then cellaring, trading, going to release day festivals, and eventually you wind up broke, lonely, and not nearly drunk enough for how much money you just spent. Fantasy nerd-dom starts with watching LoTR on TNT and ends with you either inappropriately reading all 1,024 Robert Jordan novels at weddings, funerals, and bar mitzvahs OR playacting wizardry while sporting glittery purple robes and throwing nerf fireballs. Let us tread carefully, friends. Hell, I have to admit that I am about level 13 deep on all three of these dangerous antisocial behaviors.


New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk has a great name and logo that inspire a certain geek machismo whilst partaking. Heck, you can just imagine yourself indulging in this stuff in an unusual and sensual scene from Game of Thrones (really, is there any other sort of scene in that show?). Silky vanilla and brash bourbon clash in a mid-air, mid-mouth battle. Milk being the operative phrase – being that this barrel-aged alcohol flame-throwing beer tastes surprising sweet and, well, milk-stouty.

So, what record is nerdy enough to represent this beer? My suggestion is something that is kind-of fantasy light. The beer isn’t heavy enough for a straight metal albums (sorry Dio, sorry Sabbath, really sorry BOC). The beer isn’t complex enough for a prog odyssey (take a hike Rush, you just hang out for a few, Genesis). But, I’m not saying we got a frou frou Puff the Magic Bo Hansson situation here either. We need the harsh rolling sweetness of a interstellarily magical album. This leaves only T. Rex (Futuristic Dragon – shit, that does fits) and Lemmy. Lemmy? Lemmy!

hawkwindinsearchofspaceWell, not Lemmy actually (sorry I got your hopes up). I am, of course, talking about Hawkwind (which Mr. Kilmister did in fact join, but not before they released their future fantasy epic album…he did sing on the awesome single, Silver Machine released around that time). X In Search of Space is a fuzzy, grooving free form epic that sounds like riding a dragon in the stratosphere…or sounds like having drunk enough 10% ABV brew to think you’d know how that would feel. Like the beer, its inky hypnotic feel is subdued, opening the door for a perfectly mellow but never boring experience.

Both this beer and record have that Dungeon and Dragons je ne sais quoi…epic in your mind, less so in reality. But fun and always a when good time campaigning with the stuff. So, give the  gamemaster a goblet-full, revel in your obsessions, turn it up, and ride the dragon.
Or on second thought…fuck that noise. Just chug it and listen to this:

2 thoughts on “Lemmy Killmeister Bräu

  1. Your blog is great fun! I wish I could have a time machine to see Lemmy in Hawkwind. Just read his autobiography a few months ago.

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