Big Liver (because Hey Porter is just too lazy, even for me)

This beer tastes like it’s been filtered through the ashes of Johnny Cash.


If I had to have a monogamous relationship with one beer, I easily might choose to forever sleep away my nights with Alaskan Brewery’s Smoked Porter.

smoked porter

This is not some super hot model-like beer that’ll probably just end up cheating on you one day. This is an “i get all your jokes” and “I make sure the bills are all paid”, while also being an “I have a tattoo hidden somewhere” kind of beer. It would be hard to find something more comforting and exciting to come home to every night.

This beer tastes best with “American Recordings” by Johnny Cash. Not the best album I’ve ever heard, and not even Johnny Cash’s best album, but it’s one of maybe five or six that I could listen to at any time, day or night, and in any mood. It always sound just right. It’s never too wild, but it’s also never boring, and it’s like no other record ever made.

jc ar

This album has an unsettling calm to it. There are temptations, violence, tense thrills and wild excitement boiling just underneath each song, but it always stays in check.


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