Fleetwood Malt

Here are ten reasons why Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is the perfect record to listen to while drinking Magic Hat #9.
1) They both are fruity. Super fruity.
2) They both aspire to have a magical mystique….and fail miserably.
3) They both are kind of okay if that is the best thing you got available, but really make you wish you could go with some other option. But don’t get wrong, they are fine in a pinch. But seriously, this is the best we got?
4) After too much exposure, they both make me disappointedly attracted to Stevie Nicks.
5) Swirly! Swirly! Swirly!
6) I am sure they are both Sheryl Crow’s favorites.
7) They both were better when I was much younger and in a frat…in an alternate universe, assholes.
8) Both are not as good as Tusk. Cause Tusk is fucking great!
9) Both Fleetwood Mac and the brewmasters of Magic Hat brewery were entangled in a strange, sexual webs when developing these products. The pain, betrayal, and cold-heartedness comes through magnificently!
10) Both are best enjoyed while wearing cape and very low self esteem.

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