Drink Wray

“Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar.” – Mountain Man, DeliverancephotoJust so you know…there are things going on in the woods. Terrible, wonderful things. Things that are unexpected, unsavory, and sometimes unwanted. Things that might scare city folks.


Backwoods Bastard is a specialty Bourbon-aged Scotch Ale by Founders that seems to be left out in the woods in favor of golden boy Breakfast Stouts and super IPAs. Link Wray’s 1971 self-titled is lost to the canon of mainstream rock n roll. Part crazy preacher, part country bumpkin, part greasy old rock dude, Link went off to his “3 Track Shack” and recorded a mutant monster of an album…too far out for his rock fans and too blazin’ for country-folk.

LinkWrayThreeWayShackThe beer (like the record) can be uncomfortable on first passing. But with each further moment of experience, you embrace the abrasiveness. The beer burns a little at first, but gives you a satisfying smokiness afters – think scotch or coal-walking. Not typical fare. Not small potatoes. Black beer glowing with a whiskey-forcefield. Mutant fuckin’ monster beer.

A beer and album to take out to your shack in the woods and do your unspeakable business. Nobody here will fault you, boy. You’ll have to answer in Fire and Brimstone.


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